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Design your own custom fragrance online.  Your signature scent is just a few clicks away!

Now customers far and wide can enjoy a bespoke perfume service similar to that experienced by visitors to our brick-and-mortar perfumery. 

No experience is required to create your personalized perfume. Our skilled perfumer will take fragrant notes you select using our online custom fragrance builder and blend them by hand into a harmonious and long-wearing fine fragrance that's a unique expression of you.

How does it work?

1) Use the online custom fragrance builder to select the notes you would like to include in your signature scent.

2) Purchase your custom fragrance via this page. (We will not begin compounding your fragrance until payment is received.)

3) Our perfumer will blend your bespoke fragrance and ship it to you in two weeks.

You will receive 1 FL OZ of your custom blended fragrance at eau de toilette (10%) strength — a concentration perfect for everyday wear.

Your fragrance will come packaged in a premium Italian glass atomizer spray bottle in a keepsake pouch with a list of your notes. We'll adhere an enamel label to the bottle featuring a vintage botanical from our collection.



Is the custom blend service for all genders?

Yes! Anyone of any gender can create their own signature scent. The custom fragrance builder includes "feminine", "masculine" and genderless notes, as well as the ability to combine them in any direction you would like. 

Can you recreate [insert perfume name] for me?

Apologies, but we do not replicate other artists' work (what is known in the fragrance industry as a "dupe").

If you love the notes of a particular fragrance, we recommend researching that fragrance on and including some of the same notes in your custom blend. Please be aware that every perfumer blends their own accords differently.

How can I know what the notes smell like?

We blend our notes (aka, "accords") to be true-to-life and "photorealistic". For instance, our gardenia note smells like a natural gardenia blooming on the shrub. Our gin accord smells identical to the spirit. Our cucumber accord is the experience of peeling a cucumber in your kitchen ... and so on.

If you are in Southeastern PA, you can experience the notes at our in-store blend bar.

Can I purchase this same custom blend from you in the future?

While you will receive a list of your notes with your custom blend, we will not keep your formula on file for future use. Moreover, we sometimes change the formula of our accords depending on the availability of raw materials. Therefore, an exact replica cannot be guaranteed.

Can you send me testers before you compound the full bottle?

Our online custom blend service is priced to allow you to create a custom blend that is a unique expression of you — without spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars as one would for a full bespoke service. Therefore, you will only receive one iteration of the fragrance — the finished 1 oz bottle.

The online custom blend service is for the person who loves to experiment with fragrance and personalize their experience.

What if I don't like the fragrance? Can I return it for a refund?

We're certain you'll love your custom fragrance. (After all, it's your creation!) However, in the unlikely event that the fragrance does not work for you, we offer the following:

You can return the bottle to us, so that we might resell the blend in our shop. We will issue you a refund of 50% of your purchase price. To be eligible for this partial refund, the bottle must be returned to us at least 3/4 full. The customer is responsible for return shipping.

Meet the perfumer who will blend your custom fragrance.