Our Founder & Perfumer

Erica Vinskie is the nose behind HENNY FAIRE Co.

A university lecturer and visual artist, Erica began studying perfumery in 2014. Two years later, she launched HENNY FAIRE Co. with a line of home fragrances. In 2018, she debuted her Foraged Fragrances collection of perfumes featuring native Eastern U.S. plants. 

Erica grew up in Pennsylvania's Anthracite Region (Northern Appalachia). As a child, she observed her elders, including the real-life "Henny", forage in the hills surrounding their mining village. She was further fascinated by the vanities and perfume collections of the women in her village, which displayed their unique blend of practicality and refinement.

Erica crafts all HENNY FAIRE Co. perfumes in micro-batches in her home studio outside of Reading, PA. Along with the plants her husband grows on their property, she now depends on wildcrafters throughout the Eastern U.S. for raw materials. She also enjoys blending perfume with you in her Boyertown, PA, boutique and caring for HF customers across the country.

Primarily self-taught, Erica continues her studies in perfumery at the Institute of Art & Olfaction in Los Angeles.

Erica Vinskie Artisan Perfumer



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