Sweet Relief: Fragrant & Flavorful Herbs for Allergy, Cold & Flu Season

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Nothing good can be said about having an upper respiratory infection. Last month, I was nursing a pretty rotten one. Mercifully, the home and herbal remedies that brought me relief didn't inflict more suffering with insipid and bitter flavors. In fact, the home remedies I concocted with teas and extracts from the shop pantry were delicious and comforting.

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Even while I create and curate HF's botanical offerings for their fragrance and flavor, several of our offerings possess natural therapeutic properties. The following pantry and bath goods will not only delight the senses, they offer immune support and relief from the sinus congestion, sore throat, and dry cough of allergy, cold, and flu season.* 

Products for Cold and Flu Season

* Always follow the advice of healthcare professionals in the treatment of any medical condition or illness.

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