Wild Mushroom Vinegar

Wild Mushroom Vinegar

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Swap out your sherry vinegar with Wild Mushroom Vinegar and add delicious umami flavor to your pantry.

Flavor Profile: medium acidity, dry, slightly savory
Tasting Notes: Earthy and caramel driven with notes of maple, cedar and a touch of buttermilk. 
Kitchen Pairings: Despite the slightly sweet notes stemming from the Candy Cap mushrooms involved in the brewing of the vinegar, this is definitely savory-oriented. Chantrelles, Morels, Hen-of-the-Woods and more go into making this vinegar giving it a decidedly umami bent, making it ideal for salads (replacing sherry vinegar), marinades, stir fries, and as an accompanying vinegar for pickling. It's also excellent as a base for vinaigrettes.
Bar Pairings: This could fit well into a Gibson or Dry Martini or other savory applications. 

6.76 (100 ml) FL OZ

Crafted by Lindera Farms in Delaplane, VA