Frequently Asked Questions

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Orders ship within one-week (5-business days). I typically dispatch orders Wednesday through Friday.

Domestic orders under $75 ship for $6.95 FLAT RATE. Domestic orders $75+ ship FREE.

Shipping to Canada and Mexico is calculated by weight.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are less than satisfied with your purchase, please contact me at to initiate a no-hassle return or exchange. Returns are free within 30-days of receipt of your order.

Because my fragrances are naturalistic, some customers assume they are "all-natural".

While all of my perfumes are 94-99.5% natural in the finished formula, I enhance and extend the naturals with sustainable synthetics. Synthetics are essential to achieve the qualities of photorealism and translucency I desire in my compositions, as well as longevity of wear.

As a class, synthetics are no less safe than naturals. Many synthetics are nature-identical and can provide sustainable alternatives to naturals that cannot be sustainably or humanely harvested (e.g., sandalwood or animal musks). 

Whether naturally-derived or synthesized, I formulate only with materials that are:

  • Readily biodegradable and sustainably harvested 
  • Cruelty-free and vegetarian**
  • Non-toxic to humans and the environment  

**Except for beeswax absolute in our rose accords, all other materials are vegan.

I operate out of a small artist studio on my home property near Reading, PA, making periodic appearances at markets in Eastern Pennsylvania and New York. (Please see our Appearances page.)

The best way to shop HF is here on our website. Please take advantage of our samples, free-returns, and economical flat-rate shipping.

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