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Beyond an aphrodisiac perfume, Love + Comfort is designed to open your heart and enhance your sense of overall well-being. With rose de mai, jasmin, ginger lily, and davana, this wellness fragrance is infused with Passionflower—a native bloom long used to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Top: ginger CO2, cardamom CO2
  • Heart: rose de mai, rose otto, jasmin, wild strawberry, ginger lily, peach, ylang ylang Madagascar
  • Base: davana, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood, amyris, costus, musk (vegan)

    10 ml travel spray

    Spray on self or in surroundings. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. 

    Aromacary™ Mood Manifesting Fragrances blend the science of aromacology with the healing arts of aromatherapy and Appalachian herbalism.

    The notes in these lively, harmonious artisan perfumes are chosen not only for their beauty and intrigue, but for their mood enhancing potential. Each of these eau de toilette fragrances is at least 98% natural and is blended with our own wildcrafted herbs to promote a sense of well-being.

    Use Aromacary™ Mood Manifesting Fragrances daily to transform your space and your self.


    Natural grain spirits (denat.), fragrance (plant essences and biodegradable aromatics), extract of blue vervain (wildcrafted), water, glycerine


    Some fragrant compounds can cause skin irritation in a small subset of individuals. In general, natural fragrant ingredients are more likely to have a sensitizing effect. ALWAYS PERFORM A PATCH TEST.

    If irritation occurs, rinse with warm, soapy water and discontinue use on skin. Those with skin sensitivities can often still enjoy perfume by spraying it on clothing or fabric, rather than directly on the skin.

    SHIPPING: All sizes larger than 2 ml must ship via ground transportation and are thus ineligible for expedited shipping methods.

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