Quercus Oak Bitters | 4 fl oz

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Quercus Oak Bitters is rounded, smoked, and slightly spiced at the close, with a mid palate defined by aged spicebox and tobacco. Add bitters to cocktails, mocktails, or beverage of choice.

Tasting Notes

French oak staves, vanilla bean, petrichor, sun-dried pine, bitter orange rind, grated nutmeg, cut ice, acorn, granite, moss, bonfire, char, applewood.

Our perfumer's favorite way to enjoy

Throughout the day, add 3-4 drops to a glass of water or tea to create a deliciously reviving tonic. 


Made in small batches by Artemisia Farm & Vineyard, Bentonville, VA.

INGREDIENTS: Natural grain alcohol, water, natural flavors (wildcrafted herbs, spices & flowers)