Our Purpose

HENNY FAIRE Co. is all about creating beauty — beautiful experiences for our customers and beautiful new beginnings for the region we call home.

From north to south, the history of Appalachia is one of exploitation — exploitation of natural resources and the labor of the people. Mining and industry brought periods of prosperity, but left little behind beyond a scarred landscape,  generational poverty, and social despair.

To repair, rebuild, and re-beautify what has been scarred and stained, even in our small way, underlies everything that we do here at HF.

That's why HF donates a portion of our proceeds to organizations that promote environmental and community renewal in Greater Appalachia.

Current and past beneficiaries include the Appalachian Community Fund, Alliance for Appalachia, Appalachian Service Project, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Black in Appalachia, Black Scranton, and Queer Kentucky.