N°4 Rose Pink Clay Organic French Soap

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This is not your average rose soap. First it won’t dry skin – guaranteed! Secondly, the scent is sublime organic rose essential oil.

It’s not only cold-process from organic butters and oils (which makes it more hydrating), we’ve added a good helping of detoxifying and skin softening pink clay. The results? Extra clean, extra smooth skin.

✓ Essential oils: rose, geranium and palmarosa
✓ Aroma: enchanting rose
✓ Softens: clay leaves skin smoother.
✓ Regenerates: rose oil is a super rejuvenator.
✓ 90% organic (100% natural).
✓ Vegan, cruelty free & palm oil free
✓ 100% biodegradable: Good for the skin and the oceans.
✓ Handmade in Provence