Ottoman Rose Nourishing Lip Balm in Biodegradable Packaging

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A powerful blend of butters, oils, and plant wax – made entirely from delicious organic and edible ingredients – to nourish and protect against chapped lips.  Thanks to this lip balm's high concentration of vitamin E extracted in a unique way, your lips will also be protected against free radicals which dry out your lips! And if you can't choose between shine or matte, this balm is the ideal compromise.

✓ Aroma : soothing floral bouquet of rose otto, geranium, and palmarosa essential oils.

✓ Organic and edible ingredients only (100% safe if ingested).

✓ Long-lasting hydration.

✓ Nourishes and repairs in depth.

✓ Vegan, cruelty free & palm free.

✓ Biodegradable balm and packaging = good for the planet.

Made by Savon Stories, France

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