Junio Juniper & Elderflower Bitters | 4 fl oz

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Junio Bitters are alpine and herbal on the nose, with a sweeping rush of elderflower at the finish. The palate is dark and refined, leaning into cold, piercing wormwood, rounded by clove buds and dried lemon. Add bitters to cocktails, mocktails, or beverage of choice.

Tasting Notes

Lavender blossom, juniper berry, elderflower, kelp, fennel seed, marigold, fresh sage, sourwood honey, maple sugar, melting snow.

Our perfumer's favorite way to enjoy

Throughout the day, add 3-4 drops to a glass of water or tea to create a deliciously reviving tonic. 


Made in small batches by Artemisia Farm & Vineyard, Bentonville, VA.

INGREDIENTS: Natural grain alcohol, water, natural flavors (wildcrafted herbs, spices & flowers)