Æstas Sumac Bitters | 4 fl oz

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Æstas Sumac Bitters unfurl along the palate with a heady, brambled cascade of blood-red sumac blossoms. Æstas leads with the bright astringency of sumac while delving deep into the dark breadth of roasted roots and piquant seeds. Use bitters in cocktails, mocktails, or beverage of choice.

Tasting Notes

Budding sumac flowers, lemon rind, patchouli, musk, sweet tobacco leaf, ivy, potpourri, marmalade, gentian, fresh lemon, almond, orange blossom, poplar bark, lilac.

Our perfumer's favorite way to enjoy

Throughout the day, add 3-4 drops to a glass of water or tea to create a deliciously reviving tonic. 


Made in small batches by Artemisia Farm & Vineyard, Bentonville, VA.

INGREDIENTS: Natural grain alcohol, water, natural flavors (wildcrafted herbs, spices & flowers)