Napiers of Edinburgh Capsicum & Ginger Warming Cream

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Napiers warming cream is used to comfort muscles, joints, backs and ease neck tension. Massage also stimulates circulation, especially to cold fingers and toes.

  • Warms, soothes and eases creaky joints and stiff muscles
  • Stimulates blood supply to the extremities such as fingers and toes
  • Does not burn the skin
  • Pleasant unobtrusive scent
  • Useful in cold weather to stimulate circulation and help protect against effects of extremely cold weather such as chilblains
  • Massage onto neck to relieve tension
  • Packaged in a recyclable glass jar.

Please note that this cream does not make your skin feel warm. It is felt as muscle warmth.

Made in Edinburgh, Scotland– Size 100 ml. (3 oz)

Directions for use: Gently massage the cream into the fingers, joints and muscles. Massaging in a circular motion will help to alleviate tension and encourage blood flow to the area.