Rose Chai Superbrew

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A sensorial feast of rose petals and warm chai goodness softens the edges of the day and transports you to a place of deep relaxation and connection.


+ Delicious adaptogenic support
+ Promotes deep relaxation and rest
+ Rejuvenating properties

Each packet contains three servings.

Add 1 Tbsp to hot water, milk of choice, or add it to a smoothie. Sweeten to taste with maple syrup, agave, honey, or sweetener of choice. Relax and enjoy beauty from the inside.

Small-batch blended by Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary in Dammeron Valley, UT.

INGREDIENTS: *Rose petal powder, *Pitaya (Dragonfruit) powder, *Coconut cream powder, *Mesquite, *Ceylon Cinnamon, *Ginger Root powder, *Nutmeg, *Fennel, *Licorice Root powder, *Clove, *Shatavari Root powder, *Ashwagandha Root powder, *Red Reishi Mushrooms, Himalayan sea salt.

*Organically grown or wildcrafted