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Delight in the joys of spring with HENNY FAIRE Co.'s 2020 Spring Candle Collection.

Get all three of our limited edition spring seasonal scents:

  • PLUM BLOSSOM + CEDAR :: Sweet spring blooms and tart fruit with grounding notes of rosewood and Virginia cedar
  • SWEETBAY + LEMON :: Narcotic magnolia shot through with sunlit citrus, bay laurel, and nutty sandalwood
  • VIOLETS + WATERCRESS :: A classic violet fragrance updated with freshwater greens and iris bulb

NET WT: 10 oz  (12 oz container) each

BURN TIME: ~ 55 hours each

HENNY FAIRE Co. candles are inspired by the fragrances of an Appalachian wilderness. Blending clean-burning biodegradable vegetable waxes with our own artisan blends of essential oils and pure fragrance, our candles are hand poured in small batches.

A portion of proceeds goes to environmental and community renewal in Greater Appalachia.