Lip Blossoms™ Collection | Four Nourishing Lip Balms Naturally Flavored with Flowers in Assorted Flavors & Tints

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Introducing Lip Blossoms™, our new line of lip balms naturally flavored from flowers.  Deeply nourishing, as well as delicious, these natural lip balms will protect your lips from the elements while making them look their luscious best.

Receive the entire collection gift-packaged in an eco-friendly cotton satchel:

Violets + Vanilla - This untinted balm is flavored with violet flower and natural vanilla orchid with a hint of tea-like bergamot oil (bergapten-free).

Rose + Orange - This richly tinted balm is flavored with rosa centifolia and zesty orange, with notes of cardamom and vanilla planifolia.

Hibiscus + Apricot - This balm, with a light blush shimmer, is naturally flavored with hibiscus flower and apricot and juiced up with a squeeze of pink grapefruit.

Lavender + Mocha - This lightly tinted balm is flavored with French lavender and decadent dark cocoa with notes of coffee and creme fraiche.

Each balm is 0.25 oz NET WT in vintage-style slide tin.