Sugar Maple Candle 10 oz | EPHEMERALS Limited Batch & Seasonal Collection

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Like stepping into a steaming Northern Pennsylvania sugar shack during sugaring season, our EPHEMERALS Sugar Maple Candle is a delicious maple vanilla fragrance.  This mouthwatering gourmand is made more sophisticated by the addition of fir balsam and woodsmoke.


  • Boiling Maple Sap
  • Bourbon Vanilla
  • Virginia Cedarwood
  • Fir Balsam
  • Birch Smoke

EPHEMERALS is a collection of seasonal & limited batch scents inspired by Appalachian wild plants.  Experience what's blooming here in Appalachia.

NET WT: 10 oz (12 oz container)

BURN TIME: ~ 55 hours

HENNY FAIRE Co. candles are inspired by the fragrances of an Appalachian wilderness.  Hand poured in small batches, our candles blend clean-burning biodegradable vegetable waxes with essential oils and pure fragrance.