Scents of the Sacred™ Incense | Box of 6 Scented Incense Cones for Christmas

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Give your home a Scents of the Sacred™ this holiday season with incense cones scented like a Christmas Eve church service.

Notes are frankincense & myrrh resins, sandalwood, fir needle, clove bud, allspice, and champaca.

Six incense cones are nestled among dried juniper, moss, and rose petals in each papier mache gift box featuring an antique Italian portrait of a Madonna & Child.


TO USE:  Burn in an incense burner OR in a small heat-safe dish lined with sand or uncooked rice. 

Light the tip of cone with a flame and allow to burn for a few seconds until the cone glows orange.  Extinguish flame and allow cone to smolder in dish (approximately 30 min).

NEVER leave burning incense unattended.  If you must leave, extinguish cone entirely beforehand.  DO NOT burn near flammable materials.  Always keep burning incense away from children & pets.